Faring a day in night shift

It has been 10 minutes only since I decided to take a nap, when somebody tapped on my shoulder. “Doctor. It’s time already.”  For a moment, I was disoriented enough to think that the patient died while on the watch. When the cloud of sleep finally unclogged my brain, I realised it’s time for the patient to finally deliver.  9 hours into the night shift in labour theatre and all I remember is the incessant groaning with few screams accompanying it. Technically, this is just the start of my day. But it feels like as if ages has evolved while … Continue reading Faring a day in night shift

When you take over

Write every day, but don’t put your life on hold . . . — Vincent Mars, “Writing as a Way of Life“ I have already emphasised on how writing is liberating for me. But sometimes I feel more grandiose than what I am actually; my head sure knows how to play games with me. That’s the only time when I can not write anything at that time.  So what do I do when I am not writing?  I dream about my travelogues. I plan my dream trips. My diary has filled up. I think I will start a wall map.  … Continue reading When you take over

Letter to my brother 

Hey kiddo You were a wee little thing when we first brought you home. Like always, you did the unexpected and decided to enter the world on the day when we least expected you. Thank Goodness we didn’t leave the hospital when you decided to express your impatience of being confined in the comfort of mom’s womb. I have never been a patient person, and your late arrival definitely tested that.  I remember the first time I held you. Such a tiny little thing and how you tested out your lungs. I remember how worried I was when I saw … Continue reading Letter to my brother 


“Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.” – Alexander Pope I have been told I am stubborn and I know that when I dig my heels in (literally and metaphorically) it has pissed many people off. The story is true for every single thing that I have ever done, and that includes my datinng history.  I remember the first time I told Mom about one of my boyfriend. And the only thing she asked me is “Beta, is he a good man?” How do you know if a guy is a good man or not at the age … Continue reading Charmin-leon

Where to write, what I write

Day 6 daily task involved me to describe my space of action. Well, it is really hard to describe that right now considering my laptop has decided to part with me on this journey. My writing requires comfort. Prolonged use of computers give me the worst kind of neck pain. Because of this reason, I usually write on my ipad or my phone while lying on the bed. Usually I have my comfort food lying near me, some kind of new book lying around me and something playing on the television. I know usually people prefer the quiet, but I … Continue reading Where to write, what I write

Rising from her ashes

Disclaimer: So Day 5 was about how social media can sometimes be a source of inspiration. The quotes that were posted didn’t exactly sit well with me. I liked this one, and I hope you like it too. "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." ~Zen Proverbhttp:// #quotes — Sheena White (@sheenamwhite) September 11, 2015 S-M-A-A-A-C-K-K!!!!! The sound echoed throughout the room. The sting may be on the cheek, but the hurt reached a place that is deep inside her. More than the tears rolling down her cheek, her soul cried. Because she knew; she knew that the … Continue reading Rising from her ashes