Book Review #190: The Artist

Author: Shealy James Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction Language: English  Series, if any: The Game Changers, Book 2 Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC Date of publication: 20 October 2016 No. of pages: 296 Synopsis:  Katherine ‘Kitty’ Peters always follows what Daddy says. The one time she rebels against wealthy father, he issue an ultimatum: one month to be an agreeable daughter and marry the man of his choice, or find a way to support herself on her own. Knowing the length of her leash, she escapes her suffocating world for a more colourful one with the tattooed maverick painter with the sexy smirk. … Continue reading Book Review #190: The Artist

Book Review #28: Wonderfully Wicked

Author: C.J. Burright Genre: Sci-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance Language: English Publisher: Ravenrock Publishing Date of publication: 27 October, 2015 No. of pages: 256 Synopsis: Not every dream is filled with hope or happiness. Sometimes it is far beyond a simple ‘bad dreams’. But what happens when the star of your nightmares, your dream guy turns out to be the love of your life. Does this mean nightmares are dreams coming true? Review: This was definitely an intriguing book to start off after my spree on romance reviews. The main story run along a thin line bordering dreams and reality. The fantasy element was dealt with right from … Continue reading Book Review #28: Wonderfully Wicked

Book Review #27: A Bad Boy for Christmas

Author: Kelly Hunter Genre: Romance, Drama, Women’s Fiction Language: English Publisher: Tule Publishing Date of publication: 13 November 2015 No. of pages: 83 Synopsis: Cutter Jackson’s world was perfect. He knew his place in the world. And one bright afternoon and he discovers a half brother and a woman who knows how to turn his world on a different axis. Holidays are coming and he doesn’t know how to fix everything back to what it was. Review: The book is the third installment in the Jackson brother series. As a result, the characters have been detailed out keeping in mind the past stories and the … Continue reading Book Review #27: A Bad Boy for Christmas

Book Review #26: How to Sleep with the Boss

Author: Janice Maynard Genre: Romance, Women’s fiction Language: English Publisher: Harlequin Date of publication: February 9, 2016 No. of pages: 250 Synopsis: Desperate and hard on luck ex-heiress Libby Parkhurst needs a job to help her gain her feet back in this world. Patrick Kavanagh, thanks to his mother’s guilt trip, can help her out on that regard. But what if the untimely attraction can unfold a whole new world for her? Review:  Another Harlequin work doing the trick of light chick read. The book is a well thought out romance to continue the Kavanagh family series. The characters have a maturity that has … Continue reading Book Review #26: How to Sleep with the Boss

Book Review #23: Paper Marriage Proposition

Author: Red Garnier Genre: Romance, Women’s fiction Language: English Publisher: Silhouette Books Date of Publication: January 4, 2011 No. of pages: 192 Synopsis: Two souls fed by revenge come together to rediscover a love that can outlast their hatred. Can love be enough? Review: Well usually a women’s fiction have the same underlying theme of lust at first sight fueled by shadows of a haunted past and mistrust which blooms into romance. For a change, there is a slight difference in this one; lust at first sight is of course there, but both the characters Bethany Lewis and Landon Gage have come together in a relationship with … Continue reading Book Review #23: Paper Marriage Proposition