DIY: Warli Art

Folk art is an inherent part of all things that’s cultural. People relate to their roots more comfortably when they have something more personal that they can claim as their own.  You must be wondering what this Warli Art might be. It is one of the folk art of the Worli tribes of Maharashtra, living in the norther outskirts of Mumbai. This form of painting can be traced back to the 10th century A.D. but wasn’t discovered until the 17th century Warli paintings generally depict the normal life like images of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily … Continue reading DIY: Warli Art

My very first

Medium – Oil painting on Canvas Created on – 8 March 2012   Oil paintings have always attracted my attention. Not only because they add a depth and dimensions to the image but also because there is a ease and comfort with which you can work with them. Learning, however, was a different subject entirely. I was in middle of academic year of my medical course and I used to have vacation of nothing less than a week. However, perseverance does pay off. This was done in a period of 10 days. I am unable to find the original picture … Continue reading My very first


I am a moderate writer. But I am pretty decent when it comes to drawing and sketching. Nudes may appear to be be something bordering on sleaziness. But there’s nothing beautiful than appreciating the masterpiece of human body. Every shape, every line, every curve, the hard planes and the soft features can be drawn and appreciated. This why I indulge mostly in arts when I need to relieve some kind of stress. Medium used – charcoal Date – August 2014 Continue reading Feminism