Book Review #241: The Daring Duke

Author: Jess Michaels

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency, Women’s Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: The 1797 Club, Book 1

Publisher: The Passionate Pen

Date of publication: 14 March 2017

No. Of pages: 183


The wild and charismatic Duke of Abernathe has very few people in his life who knows him very well. With ten other men who would all be dukes, he has formed the 1797 Club. And he has been adamant about his intention of never marrying anyone.

Emma Liston has been a longtime wallflower with an absentee father who is a walking scandal waiting to happen, and she needs to marry as per the plans of her mother. 

The Golden boy and the bluestocking wallflower meet by happenstance and somehow all facades fall apart. 


Though the number of pages were less, the detailing of the plot and thecharacters fulfilled all the criteria that can define a book as satisfactory. The plot is comprehensive and has the added benefit of combining the spice of romance and drama. The characters are built in such a way that you feel involved right from the beginning. Overall, the character development definitely helps in  the reader experience, especially considering this is the start of a series. Glimpses at the secondary characters definitely contributes to curiosity for future books of the series. There are few grammatical mistakes, but otherwise the narrative style stays true to the regency period and the setting. What I did not like would be the cover image that looks anything but the regency period. 

My opinion: I love historical romances, so for me this lived upto my expectations. And I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the series. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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