Book Review #238: Her Secret Ranger

Author: Donna Michaels

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: The Men of At Ease Ranch, Book 2

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC

Date of publication: 6 March 2017

No. Of pages: 168


Beth Brannigan loves organisation and has always liked her rule book of planning all her steps. That’s why her best friend dared her to kiss a cowboy. No need to tell her that she has already had her weekender with her Secret Cowboy and wouldn’t mind repeating it all over again. Only thing is, her overprotective military older brother shouldn’t find out. Especially considering the guy is she is dating, is also from military and they just might be best friends. 


I actually had lot of fun reading this one. The plot is fresh and invigorating, bith in terms of characters, the narration and the chemistry of all that. The plot definitely keeps you enegaged till the very end. The characterisation is real and involved with the elements of the plot and the chemistry of the lead characters is simply off-the-chart. The presence of secondary characters and their individuality helps in balancing the plot and keeps it from becoming one of those heavily-lusted books. 

While the title is symbiotic with the plot, I do not understand why the cover jmage has to resemble some kind of poster advertisement for a clothing line, instead of being real with the story. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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