Book Review #235: A Sister’s Place

Author: Savannah Page

Genre: Women’s Fiction 

Language: English 

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Date of publication:  14 February 2017

No. Of pages: 397


Life is a constant change. And who knows it better than the Bennett sisters Gracie and Juliette. They might have been close once upon a time but now they hardly share anything, other than their genes. But when their beloved grandmother Mimi passes away, they’re drawn back together in the most unexpected way. Set to inherit the family home, a charming Craftsman with an overgrown garden and lush fruit trees near the beach in Santa Barbara, the estranged sisters learn there’s a catch: the house can be theirs, but only if they agree to live in it for one year—together.

Suddenly Gracie, a pragmatic paralegal who’s always stayed close to home, and Juliette, an intrepid recent NYU grad in search of the next thrill, are living under one roof. Forced to re-examine their relationship, they find themselves confronting their pasts and bonding over love, heartbreak, and deeply held secrets. Soon they’ll discover whether a sister’s love is what they need to get them through their darkest hours—and if their grandmother’s clever plan can preserve more than just a piece of family history. It just might preserve the friendship of a lifetime…and reveal the sisters and women they were always meant to be.


All those who have a sibling will definitely share similar feelings that I have currently. We might get annoyed with them, and we have a urge to strangle them during such moments but when it comes to fighting the world for them, there’s no question about who will stand up first. The book narrates a beautiful journey of two siblings who have drifted apart, despite being closer than best friends once upon a time. The characters have been beautifully etched with a lot of thought behind them and it shows in the way they display a depth of personalities that is clearly evident from the book. However, my favorite aspect of the book would be the five letters that the grandmother bequest as part of the inheritance, and which are to be opened only when the season changes. The metaphorical implocations behind such a simple tool is profound and can not be ignored. But its the content of those letters that leaves a greater impression behind. The entire plot makes you fall in love with the whole book. 

My opinion: I loved everything about this book – the plot, narrative sryle, characters, cover image, the title. If you have seen the movie In Her Shoes, you might feel there’s some correlation there. But I will still recommend it because not only words are better in creating pictures, but just to read those letters. 

My rating: 5 out of 5


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