Book Review #227: The Ottoman Conspiracy 

Author: Thomas Ryan

Genre: Action Thriller, General Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Jeff Bradley, Book 3

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Date of publication: 24 January 2017

No. Of pages: 303


Former Special Forces soldier Jeff Bradley is tracking the whereabouts of his nemesis criminal overlord Avni Leka, before he heads off to become the best man for Barry and Bethany. Then he received a message from the groom who is on board a tourist bus which has been hijacked by terrorists near Istanbul.  Strapped with explosives, it is racing across Turkey to the northern borders of Syria, Iraq and Iran. Turkish government will. Ot negotiate and the hijackers are willing to kill themselves and their hostages if they cannot escape. 

Jeff knows it’s down to him to rescue his friend. Joining forces with US special agent Reason Johanson, he faces his toughest test yet: a race against time to track down the bus before it reaches the border.


There is something about all these spy/ action thrillers that warms your blood and sets your heart racing. The intrigue and rush of adrenaline that comes with such plotlines keeps you asking for more and keeps your attention till the very end.  I loved the plot, though some of the familiarity amongst the character thus indicate towards the previous books in the series, but not wnough to distract you from finishingn the book in peace. The drama and action is perfectly balanced and though the character of Jeff Bradley doesn’t really hit any chord of love and affection, he does garner respect from the readers for his dedication and endurance. The Turkish setting however does hits the traveler within me; and that’s the only correlation it highlights witth the title. Consideringn the dramatic potline and the cover image, the title does feel like a contrast considering the conspiracy is not of the Ottomans but of something entirely different in nature. 

My opinion: From this third installment I can confidently say that this is a good series. The dramatic ending will definitely make me want to read the next book in series. 

My rating: 3 out of 5

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