Book Review #207: Love Express

Love Express Book

Author: Alyssia Leon

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Language: English

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Sagewood Publishing Ltd

Date of publication: 5th January 2017

No. of pages: 162


Moira Stanley is escaping from her fancy London life and charismatic husband. With her heart broken and left unwanted at Christmas, its time for the Cinderella-turned-princess to become Cinderella again. Moira’s only hope for comfort is a train journey away.

Billionaire Darren Tate is finally free. Nothing now stands between him and the woman he wants. And a carefully planned weekend of passion in Venice will ensure that she will remember it. 

One ruthless game. Will The price be too high? Or will the Love Express ensure the two on a journey of a lifetime?


I would like to thank Alyssia for this special review request. 

To start with, the setting of a beautiful and magical christmas on a exclusive and luxurious train has been beautifully captured. It is one of those things that everyone wants to experience at least once in their life. The plot has been crafted around a simple concept: while love is always shinier and brighter when it is reciprocated, a relationship takes a lot more than love to build and stand. Based on that, I loved the characterisation of Darren for his strength of character and perseverance and dedication towards his wife. In contrast, Moira’s insecurity did feel like it has the potential to topple all that is noble and good in the plot. I understand and emphatise with vulnerabilities, but it did feel a bit too much to handle as a modern woman and a feminist. However, the love and chemistry between thetwo lead  characters is perfectly detailed out. 

Considering its a christmas themed novella, I expected the cover to be a bit more magical and christmassy, instead of a prominent handsome male feature. 

My opinion: 

I loved the underlying concept behind the book, though the characterisation can do with more work. Quick and fun read. 

My rating: 3 out of 5


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