Book Review #206: Forgotten Boxes

Author: Becky Willis

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Romantic Suspense

Language: English

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Clear Creek Publishers

Date of publication: 4 January 2016

No. of pages: 224


Named sole heir to her estranged aunt’s estate, Charity Gannon arrives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to find a 30 year old mystery that leaves only questions behind. A gloomy secluded cottage with overgrown yard, a man’s suit of clothes tainted with dried blood and a bullet hole and a barn with four boxes stuffed within garbage bags, hidden away in a secluded corner. And these are just not any boxes; all four boxes are marked March 14, 1984, undelivered by the now-defunct Kingdom Parcel, a company which her late uncle presided over.

The undelivered boxed haunt Charity’s conscience. To correct the failed deliveries, Charity sets out on a mammoth task of returning those boxes to the rightful owners. Fate throws her in the sturdy arms of sugarmaker Tarn Danbury. the story behind one box is a delightful love story. Another is heartbreaking. But the third, just might cause her death. Literally.


The mix of genre represents my mixed feelings. While the plot is excellent with a little bit of drama, a lot of suspense and a touch of romance, the characters evoke a lot of mixed feelings. I am not fond of Charity; I want to say she is weird, but she has this touch of naïveté, innocence and her susceptibility to fanatsize does get too much. I liked the way Tarn was sketched, but somehow his role was overshadowed by the dramatic elements of the plot. 

For a plot that revolves around forgotten boxes and missed deliveries, the cover image was underplayed while the title was to the point. 

My opinion: The plot is pretty good, but the rest of the elements of the book were either over-played or under-played. 

My rating: 2.5 out of 5

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