Book Review #204: Falling for the Best Man

Author: Amanda Ashby

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm, Book 1

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Date of publication: 9 January 2016

No. Of pages: 143


What could be worse than running into your ex-hookup at the airport? Oh yes! When the said hookup is the best man dor the most important wedding of your career and is also going to stay at your own house. With a hysterical bride on loose, wedding planner Emmy Watson can not afford any disasters or distractions if she wants to save her beloved heritage – the Wishing Bridge Farm.

All Christopher Henderson needs is a fake girlfriend for a week to convince his bosses that his bad boy reputation is simply a myth. A vintage wedding just might offer the solution. The only thing is he never counted on seeing Emmy, the woman who dumped him. The one he is unable to forget.

Will the beauty and charm give a place for the globetrotter and thenhomebody to start a new future?


Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting much from the book and I wasn’t going to write a blog review about it. But the book managed to surprise me. There is a sweet charm about it that is quite endearing.

The main reason why I loved the book is mainly because of the characterisation of Christopher as a globetrotter. It’s a role that I personally relate to because of my wanderlust and hence I loled him more and I could understand his dilemma and appeal to a homebody loke Emmy. The plot is actually quite simple and sweet with zero over-dramatisation or overhelming lust cloud. The second thing which appealed to me was the whole setting of a quaint town with a community that is involved completely without being nosy and petty. The vintage wedding planner concept was something that was quite elegant and in tune with the setting.

Considering the setting and how the series has been named, I expected the cover image to be equally quaint and contemporary, which was not in this case.

My opinion: A charming quick read that does help in refreshing your palate.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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