Book Review #192: Secrets of Midnight

Author: Miriam Minger

Genre: Regency Romance, Historical Fiction, Suspense & Thriller, Women’s Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: The Man of My Dreams, Book 1 

Publisher: Walker Publishing

Date of publication: 7 November 2010

No. of pages: 343


If Lord Donovan Trent can get away with it, he would have never married. Instead he finds himself in the countryside of Cornwell as per the decrees of his father’s mill to run the family’s tin mines and find a country bride. The last thing he expected was the pitchfork brandishing tempestuous daughter of the parson – Corisande Easton. 


I have been trolling amazon for free ebooks when I came across this book and decided to give it a try. Thank God I decided to take a chance, for the book is a beautiful amalgamation of comedy, suspense, romance, intrigue, action – a perfect medley of elements that made it a invigorating read. The characters are well thoughtout and have been given ample amount of background and room to grow on. They work well with the plot and at the same time, make way for future instalments of the book. 

The narration style quite simple and elegant, keeping in pace with the genre and the setting of the book. The title justifies the dramatic elements of the plot, though the cover image does feel a bit lacking when you combine all of this. 

My opinion: Suprisingly a good read with a perfectly balanced plot that you will enjoy. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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