Book Review #185: Rapture

Author: Thomas Tessier

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, General Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Date of publication: 7 October 2016

No. of pages: 222


With the death of his father, Jeff Lisker finds himself returning home to finish up with familial obligations. But then he finds himself captured in the mesh of past – nostalgia of an old friend Georgianne Staton. With the aim to rekindle old friendship, he decides to track down her current whereabouts but finds himself reliving his obsession of possessing her irrespective of her marriage. 


While the plot described a thrilling story, the book itself failed to deliver on that promise. The unravelling of a successful mind was definitely brought out well, but the limitation of the thrilling elements didn’t help in registering the effect of a devolving character. The book could have been more twisted considering how the plot describes, but honestly it is a disappointment. 

My opinion: Not really something that I will recommend. 

My rating: 1.5 out of 5


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