Book Review #176: Storm of Ecstasy

Author: Setta Jay

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Language: English 

Series, if any: Guardians of the Realms, Book 9

Publisher: Setta Jay LLC

Date of publication: 13 July 2016

No. of pages: 260


Being the son of Hades and a Guardian of Realms means Pothos has been gifted with immense power; powers that he struggles to control. The fact that half of his heritage is from the unknown world of Thule adds on to the complication of the growing darkness that is encroaching upon their world. Things come to the point of a stand-off when he is forcibly pulled into Thulle by an unstoppable divine force and comes face to face with the alluring beauty of his one and inly mate, who just happens to be the Goddess of Thule. 

As both world collide, will Pothos and Gefn’s unique mating provide solutions to the problems of their world?


I have been waiting for this book since the day I stumbled upon the series and finished all of them in 2 days time. Setta Jay is truly a master of the erotica/ paranormal romance. Being the 9th book in the series, it is obvious to expect that for a first timer the book and the whole plotline might appear to be out of sync. In fact, this very word of caution has been added by the publisher for those who are requesting for an ARC. 

Being the 9th book, you can see the start of how the series will be winded down. The characters are strong as ever, though my favorite is always going to be Hades. The characterization of the dark lord of the underworld is somewhat more appealing and distinct that I just can’t help it. The bond between father and son – Hades and Pothos, has been beautifully showed while maintaining the eseence of the book – the relationship of Gefn and Pothos. The characters are stong and literally divine and yet their personalities have been made humane enough to make it easier for the readers to relate and comprehend. 

The brilliance of exploiting every element to bring out the best of a plot and add it on to the culmination of a series is something for which I must applaud the author. The narration seems to follow the plot style and elements and other worldly. 

The title and the cover image truly reflects the plot; hardcore, hot, sexy and dramatic. 

My opinion: I can not emphasise enough on how much I am looking forward to the rest of  the series. Definitely recommending for those who want to take a break from hardcore literature and indulge in something naughty and sinful. 

My rating: 4.5 out of 5


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