Book Review #177: Married by Monday

Author: Catherine Bybee

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

Language: English 

Series, if any: Weekday Brides, Book 2

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Date of publication: 19 March 2013

No. of pages: 306


Carter Billings may have the Hollywood good looks and charm, but his aspirations to become the governor of California comes from blue collared family values. But he knows that truly succeed, he must settle down and become a family man. And he has the perfect person in mind: Eliza Havens. 

Eliza may call Carter annoying on his face but only she knows how he makes her heart race and melts her with his swoon-worthy kisses. She may earn her living by matching couples, but secrets of her past means she can never get married. No matter how much she is tempted by Carter. 


Thanks to Amazon kindle unlimited, I ended up with the book. So it was obvious that my opinionated self has to write about it. While the description hints at a mild intrigue with overloadnof romance. I was grateful for the fact that none of them turned out to be true. Almost at least. 

While the romantic element has been maintained by continuing the story from that of Samatha and Blake in the first book. The intrigue element dedinitelt added more life to the plot line. The evolution of the story can be seen in the beautiful style of narrating. The characterization of the lead characters and the secondary characters are well thoughtout and appear to be in sync with the book and its future installments. The entire book, including the cover inage and the title give an impression of soothing romance which appeals to me. 

My opinion: Not a bad book to make a chance discovery. 

My rating: 4 out of 5

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