Book Review #171: Hour of the Witch

Author: Lorne Patterson 

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: NA

Date of publication: 31 July 2016

No. Of pages: 237


The witch hunts failed. Now the turn of the dice has changed hands. Now It’s their time to hunt. 

Death of a sexual predator may feel justified, but being burned due to unnatural causes leads Detective sergeant James McFadden to Haven. To the outside word, Haven is literally a heaven for the abused and traumatised women, but the pages of history reveal a more darker and sinister origin. 


The author clearly knows how to spin a world with words. The dark and twisted plot has been fully justified wih the use of clever and dark imageries and elements that help in transporting the readers through the past, where religious atrocities were openly performed, to the present where gender malice is a testament to corrupt power. The dark allure of power has been beautifully crafted, and for that fact alone I would like to extend my gratitude to the author for granting this ARC. 

The characters are extremely stong and resonate and relate well with the purpose of the book; the whole concept of obsessive, timeless vengeance and its consequences has been beautifully played out till the end. What I didn’t like about the book would be how the number of characters confounded me enough to lose track of the plot line. In the end, I continued reading the book, not only because I don’t like unfinished business and the tale was too gripping, but also because I just had to even though I couldn’t understand all that was happening. 

The title and the cover image are a perect complementary pair to the darkness of the plot and the characters. And it succesfully helps in capturing your attention. 

My opinion: Not a bad book, but maybe a bit too much for my palate. 

My ratig: 3 out of 5


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