Book Review #163:Don’t Tempt Me

Author: Lori Foster

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: Guthrie Brothers, Book 1

Publisher: Harlequin (US & Canada)

Date of publication: 26 July 2016

No. Of pages: 343


Jason Guthrie is a fixer by profession. He is busy helping his widowed brother and teenage nephew while keeping his business floating. But with the lovely new neighbour Honor Brown and her naive and yet adorable independence keeps him intrigued. Jason finds himself wishing that his handyman skills will help in knocking down the defenses that she keeps buildinng around herself. 

Martial art tracher Sullivan Dean has different priorities. What he never calculated in those priorities was the gorgeous blonde best friend of his new neighbor Honor – Lexie Perkins. She is the epitome definition of a party girl. While he is trying to keep his hands off the flirty woman, he keeps discovering something real and substantial that just might make him fall for her. 


After the two disappointing books, I was so glad that this turned out to be exactly the way I expected and wanted. The plot is solid and simple and the characters are strong and justify it. I am especially fond of the lead character Honor – her unique blend of vulnerabilities and strength and grit makes her someone I want to know personally. Her perfect complement of a partner Jason is also someone who makes you imagine the best of a fictional character; he maybe portrayed as hot but the silent and supportive characterization is definitely much more appealing. The chemistry and the overall relationship of the two were phenomenal and well-balanced. All the secondary characters are quite complementary to each other without getting into way, which speaks well for the book. 

Introduction of a second romance as a sub plot may seem a bit distracting when the main plot could have simply carried on with the whole book. But somehow it work well with the lead characters and the main plot. Maybe the characterization and romantic element of Sullivan and Lexie could have been explored a little bit more. 

The narrative style is smooth and easy to follow. The most commendable part about it is the fact that storyline is explored through all the characters that are involved in this book, giving it a personal feel. While the title suits the plot and the characters that were chose for the first installment of the series, I am not really fond of the cover image. It looks like some kind of high school students and it definitely does not include the fact that there are two couples in the book as described in the description. 

My opinion: Overall the book is light, fun, romantic and dramatic enough to keep you reading till the very end. So yes, definitely recommending it. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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