Book Review #152: Through Fire

Author: Freya Barker

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: Portland M.E., book 3

Publisher: Freya Barker

Date of publication: 19 July 2016

No. Of pages: 270


The strongest bonds are forged in fire.

Freedom and trust has been a hard earned money for Ruby. Defiled and corrupted at a young age, she fled from the chains of prostitution and sex trafficking and has been in hiding ever since. Leading a new life in Portland has taken more courage than she ever expected. But for the first time she has met people who have accepted her in the folds of their lives without even asking anything  about her past. But one of them is determined to dig deeper and stay etched in her skin. Both are at the brink of a change, but will they be able to survive it?


I like a romance which has a story that’s far more meaningful than the simple lust-inducing, clothes-off content. The Plot is  meanigful and framed around a poignant and heart-wrenching topic. The author was brilliantly able to showcase the trials and triumps of a victim of sex trafficking. But what lends character to the story is the strength of the lead characters Ruby and Timothy; their relationship definitely gives a whole new perspective to the world of relationships and as a female reader, it definitely strikes few points of envy. 

While the title correlates well with the plot description and the underlying theme, the cover image resembles a certain playboy fanatasy that I found distateful with the image that the book was intending to potray. 

My opinion: I will definitely recommend is book, not only as a gratified reader and fan follower of romantic fictions but also as an example of strength of character and morality. 

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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