Book Review #150: Packin’ Heat

Author: Ashley Bostock

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Adult Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: Girls with Guns

Publisher: Ashley Bostock

Date of publication: 3 June 2016

No. Of pages: 224


Brandi Parker doesn’t like Blaze Bryant and she doesn’t get along with him. No matter how hot and sinful he is. The fact that he is assigned as a personal bodyguard to her and the children of the family where she works as a nanny is pressing all the wrong buttons.

Or is it the right button? Behind the sinful, tattooed exterior, there exists a guy that just might be the right one for the redhead stubborn woman who simultaneously carries a gun in person. 


Living upto the title and the cover image, the book is living, talking erotica that packs enough heat to rise a little sweat on you as a reader. While the characters are strong enough to make the plot more profound, there is a distinct lack of flow in the way the plot has been narrated; being the fourth in the series can be accounted as one of the reason for the seamless flow. Beyond the obvious heat and chemistry, there seems to be a distinct lack of smooth flow in the way the story has been played out which leaves the reader floundering so that they can gain a step back. The language might have been simple and the characters and their chemistry was right to the point, but the overall binding factor was definitely lacking. 

My opinion: I found the book at a disadvantage because of the gaps in the plot, even though the chemistry and heat appealed to me.

My rating: 2 out of 5


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