Book Review #147: Forged in Smoke

Author: Trish McCallan

Genre: Romance, General Fiction (adult)

Language: English 

Series, if any: Red-Hot SEALs, Book 3

Publisher: Montlale Romance

Date of publication: 19 July 2016

No. Of pages: 382


Faith Ansell is content working on life-changing discoveries in her lab until all her colleagues are captured and she barely manages to escape with her life intact with the help of an elite SEAL Team 7. 

Lieutenant Seth “Rawls” Rawlings hasn’t been himself since he was resuscitated back from his near-death experience. Now he is literally haunted and hunted at the same time. But for the first time, something more than his life and reputation is at stake. 


Well, the book definitely delivered in the description provided. With elements of supernatural, intermixed with fast-paced military and covert action and romance helped in keeping plot lively and entertaining. The characters are strong, personable and genuine and are pleasure to get acquainted with.

What I found disconcerting was though the secondary characters justify the progression of a series, it is really difficult to stay in pace especially when you haven’t touched the rest of the series. Thankfully these incidence are spaced out and can be counted on one hand. 

The title and the cover image seems to be following the trend of the previous installments. I would never understand why all the cover images of books based on SEALs and covert operations have a really good looking guy on it. But it definitely works in attracting attention. 

My opinion: Definitely a good book, something that can make you sit and dig through rest of the series. 

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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