Book Review #142: Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss

Author: Bronwyn Scott

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Historical Romance

Language: English 

Series, if any: Wallflowers to Wives, Book 1

Publisher: Harlequin (US & Canada)

Date of publication: 21 June 2016

No. Of pages: 281


All you have to do is, watch my mouth.”

Jonathan Lashley never expected the prim and proper wallflower Claire Welton to anything remotely provocative. But the French Classes with her are turning out to be something more than a simple tutoring. Can enamour be a new flavor for the delectable Claire Welton?

Claire has been love with Jonathon since the age of 9. But this is the first time she is gathering courage to approach to the eligible bachelor of the ton. And this time Jonathan is teaching her the true meaning of a French Seduction. 


What I like about romantic books is the presence of a strong lead character, especially the female ones. The plot line somehow paints a feminist tone which is also my favorite. The lead character definitely can be perceived annoying initially, but she does show a tremendous growth in personality. The characters are interesting and kept the whole story interesting and lively. The secondary characters predict a future installments. 

The cover image is steamy without being sleazy and it definitely gets reflected within the characters and the entire storyline. The title definitely attracts your attention more than the entirety of the book. 

My opinion: The book is actually fun to read and the interesting chemistry between the characters makes it all lively. 

My opinion: 3.5 out of 5


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