Book Review #117: Never Let Go

Author: Allison B. Hanson

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: A Blue Ridge Romance, Book 1

Publisher: Kensington Books

Date of publishing: 24 May 2016

No. Of pages: 202


Riley Fisher has enough on her plates with her toddler son, her unreliable ex-husband and juggling two jobs to ensure comfort for her son. She never expected anything more from the handome veteran Sam Brooks, other than some much needed R&R.

Sam came back from Afghanistan alive but filled with a huge pile of guilt and nightly terrors. But only the petite Riley and her adorable son has been able to make him feel at home.

Can R&R and PTSD result in the bloom of love?


Single motherhood and PTSD are one of the most common elements in the current society. Hence, it was not surprising to see a plot, developed around the two of the topics, become a success. Though I must say that the start of the novel did not endear much to me with its meandering of characters. I guess I am not a fan of slow and steady. But I know when to admit when I am wrong. The plot line emerged to become the dark horse of a race with clever narrative style and excellent character development which complimented the plot well. The characters appear human with its clever potrayal despite the obvious fictional nature. Because of this very reason, I actually liked the characters more than the whole book.

The title and the cover image represents the romance side of the beautifully while living up to the expectations of the main plot.

My opinion: A quick and endearing read.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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