Book Review #114: Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

Author: Agnes Martin-Lugand

Original version: Les gene heurex lisent et boivent du cafe

Originally written in: French

Genre: General Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Not Known

Publisher: Weinstein Books

Date of publication: 10 May 2016

No. Of pages: 220


Life changes in a second. And a person can win or lose everything in that moment. Diane lost her husband and her daighter in a freak accident, and since that moment she has been unable to move forward. Diane retreats from friends and family, unable and unwilling to move forward. But one year later, Diane shocks her loved ones and makes the surprising decision to move to a small town on the Irish coast, finally determined to heal and rebuild her life alone. Until she meets Edward, her photographer neighbour who prefers the company of his dog over humans. But will  this new hope of relationship last when Diane decides to run back to Paris?


I won’t call this book remarkable, but it was definitely interesting. The title definitely works in grabbing your attention coupled with the colorful cover image. The plot has been built to reflect a poignant and vulnerable story. And, the characters complimented and worked well with it. But, somehow I was not able to form any kind of bond with the whole story and the only reason I continued with it is because of the title which kept me curious (that status hasn’t changed still). Most of the characters bothered me and in my eyes they failed to live upto the full potential of the main plot.

The narrative style was simple and yet I did find it to mildly detracting. I am not able to pinpoint the exact why but despite the first person tone, I sensed a certain detachment of the characyer from the flow of story which reflects in the reader as well.

My opinion: Considering all the romance that I have been reading lately, I was accustomed to the whole happily ever after ending. This book definitely keeps you hanging with its ending and keeps you curious with the title.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5


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