Book Review #104: Sleep Sister


Author: Laura Elliot

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)

Language: English

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Bookouture

Date of publication: 31 March 3016

No. of pages: 376


Two childhoods destroyed and a story that was sworn to be protected. To what extent can secrets and past haunt a person? 


When I selected this book, it was solely based on the intriguing and yet disturbing description of sexual abuse of a child. I am not saying that the book neglected the main concept behind the plot, but I was not able to like this book of the vague style of narration which created an impression of meandering without getting to the point. I don’t think  it was until the last part of the book that the whole plot finally came together to represent a meaningful story. 

The characters are definitely intriguing but I couldn’t see any growth in them mainly because of the meandering style of narration. I ended up being frustrated the whole time which is not a pleasant experience for a bookworm. 

The cover image and title definitely compliments the idea that was behind this book and I will definitely give a point for it. 

My opinion: I will definitely not count this as an immediate choice. It has its merits, but the narrative style was quite disadvantageous to the iverall plot evolution. 

My opinion: 2 out of 5


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