Book Review #90: Missing Inheritance


Author: Ken Herring

Genre: Fiction, Mystery and Thriller

Language: English

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of publication: July 17, 201(

No. Of pages: 324


Jackson ‘JT’ Lockie never got along with his father. So imagine his surprise when he has been named as the heir to an investment account containing a billion Russian rubles, that is allost 30 million USD.

With his new girlfriend Shawna, JT has to unravel the mysteries surrounding his sudden inheritance and new family secrets.


I would like to acknowledge the author for taking the time to give me this copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

The plot is based on stolen historical artifacts, Colorado mine, missing inheritance and Russian goons and hence it was expected to have a invigorating action mixed with the mystery. I was pleased to note that the author did not disappoint me on those accounts. However, that’s all I was able to like about in this book. I did not like the characters or the narrative style in which the whole book has been detailed. The straightforward depiction of what and how the characters worked throughout the plot did not appeal to me at all. Due to the whole ‘JT did this… And JT did that’, not only the characters appeared weak, but also it hampered with the plot development.

The cover image represents the settig of Colorado where the main plot has been based and the title has been kept straightforward to depict the theme of mystery. So I can not complain on this regard at all.

My opinion: 

Overall, it is not a bad book; it just lacked depth and character in terms of plot and character development. But if you can look beyond those two, it’s a good mystery.

My rating: 2 out of 5


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