Book Review #87: The Coldest Fear

Author: Rick Reed

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Jack Murphy Thriller series, Book 2

Publisher: Kensington Books

Date of publication: 15 March 2016

No. Of pages: 405


A deranged killer and a determined cop results into a deadly combination and obsession. Who will fare well when the time starts ticking down for Detective Jack Murphy and his fan of a serial killer.


I swear the start to a perfect week is to get your hands on a good thriller. The book has been written when it comes to detailing out the whole mystery and the thriller component. The characters have been well out and they play brilliantly against the dark, twisted background. The plot is well thought out and its worthy of spending every moment when I was actually able to put the book down. Each chapter keeps you engrossed and each page reveals a new twist. The narrative tone is simple and clear and there is no room for error. However, there is one thing that kind of unbalanced me; the author introduced way too many characters in each page with their own narrative voice which gave an impression of too many things happening simultaneously. The rushed feeling definitely contributed a lot to the whole confusion that I felt on numerous occasion.

I think I have mentioned earlier about how jeweled bright tones are a perfect representation of a good fictional book comprising of serial killers. The title perfectly describes the derangement which the author was able to capture perfectly.

My opinion: Definitely a book that I will recommend, even though some of the elements did unbalance me.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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