Book Review #86: The Girl in The Ice

Author: Robert Bryndza

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers, Crime, General Fiction, Psychological Thriller

Language: English

Publisher: Bookouture

Date of publication: February 12, 2016

No. Of pages: 350


A beautiful socialite was found murdered and encased in a layer of thick ice. Detective Erika Foster is called in to be the lead investigator in the murder investigation. But the progress only starts revealing dark secrets and more mysteries for troubled detective. Will she clear the shroud of mystery before the Killer finally closes up as his next target.


There is something very dark and thrilling about reading a Thriller in the middle of the night. The effects used in the book can be truly felt deep down to your bones. The book is a brilliant representation of the right amount of dark thriller with its dark elements and imageries and a solid foundation of mystery that will keep you involved. The characters literally leap of the pages with the way the plot has been unraveled and how the anticipation and thrill has been threaded through it. The story is quite simple, but the plot development and character development brings life to it.

The title is quite simple and straightforward and speaks for the plot. But what I loved the most is the chilling cover image with its bright tones which captured my attention. Somehow, its my superstitious belief that, thriller books with bright jeweled tones lives up to my expectations.

My opinion:

I loved this book. This is one of those books that is totally up my alley, but it is difficult to come across such books. I am definitely jumping with joy with the way my expectations have been fulfilled. I wasn’t too fond of the way the character of Erika Foster has been played out. there is always room for improvement.

My rating: 4 out of 5


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