Book Review #85: Safe Harbour 


Author: Heather Wardell

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Toronto Collection, Book 15

Publisher: Patchwork Press- Cooperative

Date of publishing: December 23, 3015

No. Of pages: 203


If emotions can drive you crazy. 

Celia always considered herself as overtly emotional until the day she witnessed a murder. She could finally put a name to her ability – Empath. Now she has to find a way to deal with her emotions without losing her mind, and the only place she remotely finds peace and safety would be by the side of cool and coolected Owen Reels. Can the guy, who has been abandoned at the altar, be the safe harbour she desperately needs?


This is the the third book in the Reel brother series, which was given to me for An honest review personally by the author. I would first like to thank her for the opportunity she has given me. To open up your work for honest criticism takes lot of heart and courage.

I have liked the previous two instalments of the series and this book reflects the continuation of the plot involving the three brothers. Despite the fact that each book has been based around the love life of one brother at a time, I loved the way how the author has taken care of tiny details by including all the characters and making the book more complete than a simple romantic story.

The romantic element has been definitely played to its element, however due to the way the characters has been sketched out I was not able to feel any connection with them. The whole story appeared superficial in contrast to the perceptiveness with which Celia reveals her empathic abilities.

The cover image and the title is completely in sync with the shipboard romance which was started with “All at Sea” and carried through “Plan overboard” and for this reason of consistency, I liked the book.

My opinion: 

The consistency of the series has been maintained in all the installments because of which I was able to complete the books and like them. Overall, the whole series is pretty likeable.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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