Book Review #83 : The Exiled Jeweler


Author: Susie Warren

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, If any: The Rosa Legacy series, Book 2

Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours

Date of publishing: 23 December, 2015

No. Of pages: 131


6 years ago a scandal ruined her life and put everything she loved at stake. Since then, all Emelia has wanted is her privacy and cherished and nurtured her jewellery designs in seclusion. Now, that her family heritage is at stake, she has to open up and put her life and heart and stake, and maybe finally land her happily ever after.


If you have read my Review #82, you could observe my disappointment. I was surprised with this one; both the books are written by the same author and belong to the same series, but both manage to evoke different reaction.

The narrative style is quite different in this book which manages to involve the reader. There is a consistency in which the plot has been created and narrated. The character development is definitely better marginally though I did not like the  potrayal of the lead character Emelia mainly because I like my characters to be strong. But the way her character has been developed is definitely a redeeming factor.

The title has again been kept simple and clearly indicates to the main plot. The cover image is typical of this genre and the bright tones definitely attracts attention.

My opinion: Definitely a better book compared to the sister instalment (Review #82). I would recommend it for a quick, light reading especially if youare bored at work and you know you can finish this up in an hour or so.

My ratig: 2.5 out of 5


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