Book Review #81: Marry Your Billionaire


Author: C.J. Anaya

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: C.J. Anaya Publishing LLC

Date of publication: 7 March 2016

No. Of pages: 378


Madelyn ‘Midge’ Knightly has a famous Hollywood producer father and a trust fund as a legacy. But instead of following her birthright, she stepped off the path six years ago to create her own name and destiny. And she vowed to avoid playboys.

Nowher estranged father has asked for help. To get her trust fund back she has to pose as a participant in his reality show Marry your billionaire. Sparks starts to fly on and off screen between her and the lead playboy billionaire Brody Prescott whi is trying to clean up his tarnished reputation. Can a reality show lead to happiness?


After a disastrous series of thrillers, I was glad to have this book for ARC. I know I tend to favour lot of romantic books in my reviews, but honestly I loke the ones which has the right amount of romance, chemistry and a little bit of drama. This book epitomises that definition for me.

The lead characters are strong and have a personality that literally leaps off the page, while complimenting the smooth flow of the plot line. You can see the flair of the author from the way she has sketched the characaters which is translated into her clear and strong style of writing. The strength of the character eevelopment definitely appealed to me since I like characters who have a string personality and are sensible. The plot development is based on solid foundation, and the added elements of drama and mystery gives it a more solid definition.

The title is quite simple and straightforward and clearly indicates the main theme of the story. The cover image does look a little childish and reminds me of Ariel; I am not used to seeing a book of this genre depicted with such an image. I still can’t make it whether I like it or not, but it surely attracts your attention.

My opinion: I would definitely recommend this book; not only the witty humour and charming characters will appeal the readers, but the intriguing mix  of romance, drama and mystery is an added bonus.

My rating: 4 out of 5


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