Book Review #98 : Hidden 

  Author: Amy McKinley Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Language: English Series, if any: Five Fates, Book 1 Publisher: Champagne Books Date of publication: 2 November 2015 No. Of pages: 229 Synopsis:  Half-demon, half-goddess, Jade’s fate is all about a curse that makes her and her four sisters a pawn in an epic battle against the gods. Can she find a way tonoutsmart the ill-fated prophesy, change her fate and find love? Review:  Well, there is something quirky and fascinating  about paranormal books. But I have mixed reactions when it comes to this book. While the plot is excellent and has … Continue reading Book Review #98 : Hidden 

Book Review #97: Time to Run

Author: John Gilstrap Genre: General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers Language: English  Series, if any: Nick of Time series, Part One Publisher: Kensington Books Date of publication: 29 March 2016 No. of pages: 119 Synopsis: A young woman, on the verge of dying, decides to take a last joyride witha man who is killing more than time. Review: John Gilstrap has made a name in Crime Thrillers because of which I had really high expectations when I requested for this book in exchange of an honest review. Being the first in the Nick of Time series, this book definitely acts as a foundation … Continue reading Book Review #97: Time to Run

Book Review #96: The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

  Author: Anna Bell Genre: General Fiction, Romantic Comedy Language: English Series, if any: NA Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Date of publication: 10 March 2016 No. Of pages: 431 Synopsis:  Abi thought she completed her search for Mr. Right since the day Joseph entered her house. So color her surprised when the love of her life decided to dump her, just before their anniversary. When Joseph leaves a box of her possessions on her doorstep, she finds a bucket list of ten things she never knew he wanted to do. What better way to win him back than by completing the … Continue reading Book Review #96: The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

Book Review #95: Searing Ecstasy

Author: Setta Jay Genre: Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Fantasy Language: English Series, if any: The Guardians of The Realms series, Book 7 Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours Date of Publication: 7 October 2015 No. of pages: 213 Synopsis: Drake, the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians, had the responsibility of protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms for centuries more than that he can remember. He never imagined finding a mate while upholding his responsibilities. But then meets her under the most unusual circumstances. the only problem is she is feral and her powers are increasing beyond control. With unknown enemies on the horizon and yet another … Continue reading Book Review #95: Searing Ecstasy

Book Review #94: Divine Ecstasy

  Author: Setta Jay Genre: Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Fantasy Language: English Series, if any: The Guardians of the Realms, Book 8 Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours Date of publication: 29 January 2016 No. Of pages: 209 Synopsis: Sacha was born in slavery to demented Gods. All her life she only knew the meaning of torment and anguish until she was gifted as a Guardian of the Realms. She has learnt how to hide her pain and shame under the cover of duty and family. The last thing anyone imagines waking her is a God with the strength and potential to unravel … Continue reading Book Review #94: Divine Ecstasy

Book Review #93: Making Her His

  Author: Lucy Leroux Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance Language: English Series, if any: A Singular Obsession, Book 1 Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours Date of publishing: 8 December 2014 No. of pages: 202 Synopsis:  Alex Hanas may not be singularly pleased about his father’s second marriage. But he couldn’t pull of the display of his temper when he met his teenage step-sister Elynn. Four years later, Alex is as close to Elynn as a step-brother can be. But he is done feeling like a friend. It’s time to take back what is rightfully his. Review:  The book has been built on the … Continue reading Book Review #93: Making Her His

Book Review #92: Classical Ornament

  Author: C. Thierry Genre: Arts and Crafts Language: Illustrations Series, if any: NA Publisher: Dover Publications Date of publication:  14 January 2016 No. Of pages: 74 Synopsis:  This is a compilation of designs from temples and other buildings of ancient Greece and Rome. Review:  Well I am fascinated with architecture and history and Greece and Rome epitomises both for me perfectly. Naturally, I was attracted to this book merely based on the description. However, I think I skipped on the illustration part in the description. When I opened the book, I think other than the art pictures, I wanted to … Continue reading Book Review #92: Classical Ornament

Book Review #91: Out of Darkness

  Author: Laurence W. Gold Genre: General Fiction (Adult) Language: English Series, if any: Brier Hospital Series Publisher: Grass Valley Publishing Date of publication: January 30, 2016 No. Of pages: 267 Synopsis: Human Trafficking is not only abhorrent but also one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the 21st century. Dr. Cynthia Lange has learnt about the harsh realities of life through sheer strength of character and also because she had the luck of having good people on her side.  She may be in a prominent physician, but when her past comes back to haunt her, can she move past … Continue reading Book Review #91: Out of Darkness

Book Review #90: Missing Inheritance

  Author: Ken Herring Genre: Fiction, Mystery and Thriller Language: English Series, if any: NA Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Date of publication: July 17, 201( No. Of pages: 324 Synopsis: Jackson ‘JT’ Lockie never got along with his father. So imagine his surprise when he has been named as the heir to an investment account containing a billion Russian rubles, that is allost 30 million USD. With his new girlfriend Shawna, JT has to unravel the mysteries surrounding his sudden inheritance and new family secrets. Review:  I would like to acknowledge the author for taking the time to give me … Continue reading Book Review #90: Missing Inheritance