Book Review #78: High Strung

Author: Janice Peacock

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Fiction

Language: English 

Series, if any: Glass Bead Mystery series, Book 1

Publisher: Booktrope

Date of publication: 31 August 2015

No. of pages: 196


Jax O’Connell was tired of her life in Miami when fortunate literally hit her on the face with a inheritance. Now she is living the high life in Seattle as a glass beadmaker and jwelery designer.

Funny acronyms aside, Jax finally gets an opportunity to showcase her talent in a beads workshop. But when talent ends in a deadly crime, she has to extend her flowinng creative juices to solve a crime. 


When I read the description, I was really excited for this book to come into my review section. However, my disappointment would be a polite term to describe my feelings. While the plot was based on a solid concept, majority of the book lacked in key components. The character development was barely touched, the narrative style was too shaky and sketchy to help in plot development, and the key element of mystery and thriller was missing; At best the book could be described as a fictional drama than the murder mystery that I was expecting. I was barrly able to concentrate throughout the book and the only reason I finished it is because of this review. 

I liked the clevery play of words in the title and the minimalistic cover image that complimented it. But beyond this, I can’t say much anout the book. 

My opinion: I wouldn’t recommend it as a must-read or sought-after book.

My rating: 1 out of 5 

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