Book Review #75: Above the Noise: Creating Trust, Value and Reputation Online using Basic Digital PR

Author: Carrie Morgan

Genre: Non- fiction (Adult), Business and Investing

Language: English 

Publisher: Motivational Press

Date of publication: 27 January 2016

No. of pages: 137


With the colorful and resourceful world of Internet that currently exists and the rat race that is prevalent to ensure brand visibility, it is quite difficult for a newcomer or an old timer to create their own presence felt amongst the audience. This book is based on digital public relations tactics to grow your internet marketing skills, resulting in more online visibility with the right audience while building trust and influence that will reinforce their decision. 


Since I have been blogging on two different sites with a content that is vastly different from each other, I have always wondered how to market and make one visible without compromising the standard of another. This book is a fortunate find that gives a strategic input on this very subject. 

The clarity of language and easy flow of narrative style of the author definitely helps in making the book more interesting. However, the italicised components in the middle of a smooth narration does make an unattractive feature. The entire concept on digital marketing has been well researched and explained in a very easy manner. But the sonstant flow of a textual content does get boring. If more pictures can be included re-emphasising the points, it will definitely appeal to a wider mass. Considering this is a book on marketing and increasing visibility, I was surprised to see such an integral aspect neglected in such a way.

The title of the book truly defines the purpose of the book and can be considered as a true summary of it. The  cover image is definitely cute and is visually appealing. 

My opinion: This is a book that all bloggers will like to read and react accordingly; however it needs to be more visually appealing to truly sell its marketing values that the contrnt represents. 

My rating: 3 out of 5


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