Book Review #72: Behind Closed Doors 2: Dana’s story

Author: A.L. Smith

Genre: General fiction (adult)

Language: English

Series, if any: Behind Closed Doors series, Book 2

Publisher: Breaking the Line Books

Date of publication: January 8, 2016

No. Of pages: 217


Born and raised on the streets of East St. Louis, Dana Toussaint never realized how harsh and cruel life can be until her mother brokers a deal to make her the ultimate sacrifice.


Human trafficking is often seen as an international incident. I think all of us has read numerous instances and watched numerous movies depicting this horrifying subject. But often the abuse taking place behind the closed doors in privacy is neglected and considered as trivial. Often a fictional book based on such sensitive topics fail to make an impact with the readers and deliver the necessary message. The way in which the author A.L. Smith was able to live up to the promise and expectations of the book truly impressed me. Not only the plot development has been thorough and consistent throughout the entirety of the book, but the character of Dana manages to make a striking bond with the readers.

The writing/ narrative style has been kept simple to enable the bond of reader and characters while helping the plot in conveying the harrowing experience of familial human trafficking. Each word paints a picture, and such an ability of the author should be applauded. Despite all the positive remarks that I have for the book, I did not like the way the the chapters have been organized towards the end of the book; it feels like a foreign intrusion into something that had cohesiveness and consistency. The cover image is definitely beautiful and striking. However, it feels too simplistic for the main plot that has been explored in the story.

My opinion: I would definitely recommend this books, despite the loopholes that I came across. A heart warming story with a moral expression.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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