Book Review #70: Cutter Boy


Author: Cristy Watson

Genre: Teens and Young Adult, Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Jamers Lori we & Company

Date of publication: September 1, 2016

No. Of pages: 93


All Travis wants is a slice of life. Troubled by his home scenario and bullied at school, Travis has found a way to get the best out of life: controlling pain. When he becomes friend Chyvonne, a new girl at school, he finally discovers a greater purpose in life.


Well the description was so intriguing that I was expecting a dark, twisted story with a happy ending. Well at least more story than what was given here. The plot line is definitely founded on a more delicate and vulnerable aspect of human psychology, and definitely has potential to unfurl into a inspiring fictional account. The author has definitely managed to pin point the human psyche when it comes to self-harm. However, I do not like the way the story has been written. The chapters are too short and feels more like a recount of a diary page than a story of a troubled boy. The feeling of despair and trauma hasn’t been completely justified.

I am semi-convinced when it comes to the use of the title and how apt it is; there is no doubt that the title is pretty straight forward and describes the plot aptly. However, the name still borders around mockery in my head. Especially combined with an image that looks like a combination of Zack Efferon and Justin Bieber doesn’t really help in convincing anybody.

My opinion:  While I will recommend to read this book mainly based on the main plot and the idea behind it, but it is disappointing when it comes to overall flow of narration and plot development.

My rating: 2 out of 5

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