Book Review #69: The Book of Shade


Author: K.C. Finn

Genre: Sci Fic and Fantasy, Teenage and Young Adults

Language: English

Series, if any: Shadeborn, Book 1

Publisher: Starstorm

Date of publishing: March 21, 2015

No. Of pages: 522


Lily Coltrane wants a normal life, and the new university is going to do just that. The town of Piketon seems to fit the bill. Monthly visit to the mysterious theatre Imaginique as a new member of The Illustrious Minds Literary Society proves to be a source of everything but entertainment. And only one person can answer all her questions. The enigmatic proprietor Lemarick Novel.


I am slowly understanding the fascination that my brother has for the books of this new adult fantasy. Not only the plot is completely fictional and yet mystical enough to captivate  the readers, but the characters are richly detailed enough which helps in creating and writing future installments. The main plot is pretty straight forward and is based on non human beings residing among the humans. The element of fantasy has been justified throughout the book. The characters are less dramatic compared to the age group they represent, though I am not very fond of the characterization of Lily.

The plot development has been consistent throughout the book with the right amount of climax drama intermingled with it; this definitely helps in creating an anticipatory feel among the readers for the future books of this series. The simple style of narration definitely helped a lot in translating the relative idea of author into a solid concept. However, like always I am a bit disappointed with the cover image; it kind of gives an impression of a magic book for children.

My opinion: If you are a fan of the whole Mortal Instruments series , you will like this book.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


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