Book Review #67: A Friend like Harvey

Author: Teresa Waugh

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)

Language: English

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Date of publication: January 22, 2016

No. of pages: 159


Harvey Hotham can never be described as a mere acquaintance. Even one word will fall short. Charming, funny, talkative, friendly seems to describe a shallow being, when in reality, he is nothing but a swindler, an adulterer and can only be consistent about being a pathological liar. What does a man of such a personality have to offer in reality?


I am kind of befuddled after finishing this book. On surface, the book offers a story as hinted by the description. But inside, there is talented narrative describing the lead character Harvey Hotham and the lives that he touched. I have rarely come across writing style of this caliber where each page reveals a new facet of personality to one simple character. The reader invariably forms a bond where they can’t make up the mind whether they should hate the guy, or pity him, or laugh at him. 

Since the main plot has been founded around the character tee of Harvey, the plot development did move back and forward a lot making it difficult to maintain your attention through the entirety of the novel. The language used appears to be more sophisticated polished; I found it to be a clever tactic used by the author to highlight upon social class and moral hypocrisy that humans often display. 

While the title perfectly reflects the story of Harvey, the cover image gives an impression of romance and softness that is quite misleading. 

My opinion: Like I said I am not sure about this book; while the character of Harvey definitely captivates your attention, the haphazard flow of narration definitely deviates my attention from the main story. 

My rating: 3 out of 5


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