Book Review #61 : Love Struck

Author: Laurelin McGee

Genre: Romance, women’s fiction

Language: English

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Date of publication: February 2, 2016

No. Of pages: 254


Music often reflects you feelings. But can music also mend hearts and make love happen? Lacy Dawson is a young singer/songwriter with a record deal, a studio gig and suffering through a serious case of writer’s block. In an attempt to get her mojo back she joins an online support group called song writers anonymous. Thanks to a mysterious member who motivates and supports her, she is almost back on track.

Enter the mysterious member aka Eli. In between his band’s growing success and helping Lacy write her new album, Eli is unable to explore the mutual interest shared with Lacy aka LoveCoda. However, all that changes when Eli and Lucy get to meet their real life personalities on a tour. Can a mere online interest bloom to real love?


The description and cover image was definitely intriguing enough to attract my attention, and I was not disappointed with the romantic element of the book. However, I was not able to relate or emphatize with any of the characters in the book. The character development resulted in two weak individuals who competed for the title of who can be more annoying. While the story was based on a solid plot line, it failed to translate into an equally captivating and catchy storyline that the title and the cover image hinted at. The writers are definitely talented, but style of writing of using various monologues and introducing too many characters with no strength of personality definitely made the plot more complicated than it was required.

My opinion:

Either you will love this book or you will hate it mainly because of the characters. But this book is definitely not of my taste

My rating: 2 out of 5


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