Book Review #62: Three Promises

Author: Lily Everett

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: The Billionaire Bachelors series, Book 4

Publisher: St.Martin’s Press

Date of publication: February 2, 2016

No. of pages: 230


Leo, Zane, and Cooper are happy to be billionaire bachelors and made a pact to remain so. When they receive an invitation to their friend Miles’ wedding, they decided to head down to the much-spoken Sanctuary Island in a last-minute attempt to talk some sense into the groom. But Miles knows his own mind, and he didn’t become a billionaire by just sitting on the sidelines. He makes a vow with the determined bachelors: Before he walks down the aisle, he will have Leo, Zane and Cooper changing their tune about matrimony.


Billionaire Romances are the best when it comes to Women’s Fiction. The book comprises of three short and sweet stories depicting the romance of the three errant and determined bachelors. There wasn’t much scope of having full character development when three short stories are involved. However, the element of romance has been captured correctly between the characters. The characters have been created with a full all-round personalities with a hint of vulnerabilities that made them approachable in contrast to the glamour of a billionaire persona.

 Considering the plot revolved around the charm of Sanctuary Island, I was surprised to read very few descriptions narrating the allure of the place. Other than that, I had nothing more to complain or crib about. The plot line is quite simple to follow with the language that has been used, and has been given a sweet and soft touch to reflect the serenity of the place and justifies the bond between the characters.

My opinion: A sweet, quick read perfect for a long duration traveling.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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