Book Review #59: The Secret Heiress

Author: Susie Warren

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: The Bolled Dynasty series, Book 2

Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours

Date of publication: September 25, 2015

No. Of pages: 113


Anna Bolles had a teenage fascination with Alistair Martin. But after rebuffed by him following a passionate encounter, she was again reminded of how men, like her father, can never be trusted. Having a prospective career in a financial investment firm helped her to groom her brilliant mind. But the lack of challenge motivated her to reinvent herself.

Alistair Martin has successfully made his vineyard into a thriving empire. But he never forgot the secret kisses he shared with the beautiful heiress. Now he has an opportunity to meet her again and investing in her start-up is just an excuse to get her to his bed.

Will Anna succeed in her new career where she has people expecting her to fail while she has to contend with her growing attraction to sinfully attractive billionaire.


The story line is pretty much as expected with a plot line of heavy chemistry and romance between two the lead characters. I wasn’t surprised while reading the book, and I can not exactly fault with it since it is based on a plot which is tried and tested. The element of romance has been well dealt with between the two characters. I definitely prefer the male protagonist more than the female since following her thought process reminded me of an immature college student. The secondary character hints towards a familiarity with the series.

The emotional depth of the characters definitely compliment the main story. However, due to gross errors that I could find, I spent most of time being a grammar nazi. And that is definitely not a way I prefer while reading any book.

The cover image looks more like a girl who has gone to shop than the confident image portrayed by the characters and definitely detracts from the whole sex appeal of the genre of mills and boons.

My rating: The concept is definitely good though I wouldn’t put much weight behind it. Nothing new to report in it if you are looking for even a slightest bit of excitement.

My opinion: 2 out of 5


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