Book Review #58: Scent of Magic


Author: Lori L. Clark

Genre: Sci Fi and Fantasy, Teens and Young Adults, Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours

Date of publication: December 18, 2015

No. Of pages: 183


The Duchesne sisters are known for their  magically alluring perfume. Moving to Prosperity may have been a risky move, but with the way business is picking up with their Perfumery shop, they just might finally settle down to makes Prosperity their home.

When the youngest sister Starket develops a crush on the pastor’s son, she decides to bake some harmless magic in her own to win the boy’s affection. Little did she know that her crush can lead to grave consequences. Will magic and intuition save them this time or will they have to move again?


Sometimes a little magic is all you need to relax you from all the stress. Am I right or am I right?!!

Written in an engaging narrative through very short chapters, the authors introduces three talented and gifted sisters who have recently relocated to a small town called Prosperity. A town which seemigly appears as nowhere, the sisters strive to be something. The characters are definitely young and engaging and have managed to capture the essence of withcraft and perfumery. There is not much to talk about when it comes to the storyline or the way it has been developed; it is indeed quite rooted in being obvious. The general tone of narration has been kept quite upbeat and zesty to make it entertaining, and as a result there are few occasions when the readers may actually feel slight amusement. Keeping in mind the genre, the character development has been kept at minimum with an engaging and smooth flow in the story line so as to keep the attention of teenagers for longer than a moment.

The cover image and the title definitely suits the whole theme of witchcraft and sorcery. More than that, it definitely re-emphasises the genre of the book.

My opinion: A book recommended for a light read. Definitely suitable for teenagers.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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