Book Review #57: Little bits of Karma

Author: Laura Simmons

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction. General Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publication: June 18, 2015

No. Of pages: 277


Holly O’Rourke has been in a committed relationship with James for the last 11 years. She never had any thoughts of infidelity until she meets Charlie, a handsome coworker. Distressed by her numerous mixed emotions, Holly decides to schedule an appointment for a reading with a psychic medium, where she discovers an interesting mix of past lives and their tragic consequences. By learning how to do her own past life regression through self-hypnosis, she uncovers how closely the threads of her life is connected to those with whom she shares her life. How far does Karma lead your life?


Being accustomed to Bollywood story line, Karma and reincarnations is something that I am very familiar with, and has amused me on numerous occasions. But reading an entertaining book that can involve you paints a different picture.

The recurring themes of Karmic justice that Holly experiences through her self-hypnosis spins an extraordinary and captivating story about reincarnations, redemption and forgiveness. Ass you continue with the smooth flow of the story, one can actually appreciate the same values as part of the main plot and the theme. The characters are definitely mature and realistic and humane enough to have real-life problems that a reader can appreciate and relate; this very common grounds helps the readers in making a rich bond with the various characters. The character of Holly definitely comes off as strong, confident and an empowered woman that definitely impressed me. However, the intricate way of linking past, present and future caught my attention more. The elements of romance is definitely present, however it doesn’t cloud the underlying theme in quick heat and lust that is often seen in a women’s book.

Narrative style is definitely simple and unique; there is not one single character who is telling the story. However, the way of narrating the personal feelings in italics is something that came off as a bit off; I could see and understand the logic in using it to narrate the past life regressions that Holy experienced, but beyond that I didn’t understand or appreciate the use of italicized dialogues to represent personal feelings and opinions.

With the underlying theme of Karmic justice and reincarnations, the title and the cover image truly reflects and justifies the concept.

My opinion: Definitely a captivating and engaging book that will make the readers wonder about their own past lives and reincarnations.

My rating: 4 out of 5


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