Book Review #56: Plan Interrupted

Author: Valerie Clarizio

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Crime, General Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: City Owl Press

Date of publication: January 9, 2016

No. Of pages: 252


Elizabeth Shaw has a plan to succeed. And her professional life has been detailed to such an extent that, there is no room for error or distraction in her plan. Definitely nothing of personal nature. Getting promotion and a move to Chicago seems to be working right in order. Everything seemed to be order until she meets the handsome widower Joe Antonetti and his two young children next door. Biology and destiny decide to bind the two reluctant hearts together. But then one unfortunate night changes the course of life for the two lovers. Will they succumb to misfortunes planned by malicious hearts? Or will their love soar to a new height?


There’s more to some women that meets the eye.. And it takes the right kind of man to unleash her secrets.

I think the tag line present at the cover rightly summarizes the plot aptly. I am always happy when there is a romantic book involved in my reading lists; but throw in a couple of twists and a thrilling end, and you will make it a perfect day for me.

I liked the character depiction of Elizabeth Shaw because to some extent I could relate and understand her, since I suffer through the same emotional reticence. However, my favorite character would be that of Joe Antonetti. He is a dream mate that a girl could want and ask for. And the fact that he is perfect for the father of the decade award makes him more appealing. The characters may have been fictional, but the narration has been so accurate and apt that one could only wish for them to leap out of the pages. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the lead characters grow out of their shell, envelope the readers in their lives and in their bond, and reach a destination of happily ever after.

The style of writing has been kept simple to enable an easy flow of story and make room for the characters to grow, and yet it has been made personal enough with the right amount of romance, chemistry and intrigue to make it a book that is worth reading. The title definitely lives up to the description that has been provided; however, the cover image feels like an advertisement for one of those MBA preparation books, and is one of the reason why I ‘almost’ didn’t select this book for review.

My opinion: Apart from the MBA preparatory look, this is definitely a Romantic Intrigue that one can start of if you are planning to transition from romance to mysteries and thrillers after a long stretch of reading romantic books.

My rating: 4 out of 5




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