Book Review #53: Plan Overboard

Author: Heather Wardell

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Toronto Collection, Book 14

Publisher: Patchwork Press – Cooperative

Date of publication: 27 May 2015

No. of pages: 246


Corinne had a plan. A plan to become a clarinetist for the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra. All her life she worked inly to make that plan a success. After failing to clinch a spot for the competitive spot, she makes a life altering decision. 

With a new plan in place, a pregnant Corrine meets Melissa, a newly established author and her gorgeous and flirty Austin on a Caribbean cruise. Despite all the plan, the planner and the playboy fall in love. What has destiny have in store for them, when all secrets come out to play?


Second installment to the shipboard romance started by Heather Wardell has been written beautifully. The first book was read by in the year 2015 when I first started off as a reviewer for Netgalley. The underlying theme of shipboard romance has been kept constant and the familiarity if the characters helped me going with the flow. The character development that was started in the first book has definitely contributed in making this book a delightful read. The romantic element has been kept sweet without the element of heat and lust which helps in focussing on the lead characters and makes them more humane to get involved with. 

The narrative style has been maintained in first person like the original book and the simplicity contributes largely in making the book appealing for the audience. The cover image and the title also manages to underscores the simplicity of the storyline. 

My opinion: Just like the first book, I was not disappointed, and I am happy because of that. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


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