Book Review #50: Coming Back

Author: Lauren Dane

Genre: Romance, Erotica, Adult fiction, Women’s fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

Date of publication: December 8, 2015

No. Of pages: 258


Jessilyn Franklin may have left Seattle 5 years back, but she never forgot the hold that Adam Gulati and Michael ‘Mick’ Roberts had over heart. Will they be able to strengthen their unconventional relationship to weather the storm that had torn them apart previously?


One of the unconventional romantic books that somehow became endearing to me by the end of it. I selected the book solely based on its cover image (because I love tattoos) and contradictory title, since there was no description given along with it. The two might appear to be distinct as night and day; however the symbolism can be seen when you combine the two together. Separately they tell a story of coming home and a really good tattoo. But together, they teach a lesson of how true love helps a person to find their way back home to contentment and emotional security. How freedom is imperative to let someone grow into their own skin, learn to accept themself first before expecting others to do so. What a good moral to start the day right?

The attention that has been given to detail out three lead characters in a romantic element definitely requires courage since there are many society who have yet to accept LGBTQ with open heart and mind, definitely made an impact with me. With a plot line based on such a sensitive issue, the growth of characters and how they grew to overcome their shortcomings, helped in making the readers see them as an individual who appear more approachable. The simplicity in the language used, painted a vivid picture of their personalities, their unique relationship and also contributed largely to create the intense and explosive chemistry between them. And when I say explosive, I really do mean it. Phew!!!

My favorite part of the book would be the simplicity with which the author was able to maintain a flow in the story while expressing the most basic sentiment of family and love – Everyone claims to be in love. But it’s not only about being in love with someone, but to accept the person irrespective of their strength and weaknesses. It is about accepting someone completely and unconditionally.

My opinion: A intense book with a crackling chemistry was all I needed to start my day on a bookish note. It definitely made my curious for the previous two installment of the Ink and Chrome series.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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