Book Review #48: Black Five

Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teens and Young Adults, Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Poorhouse Publishing

Date of publication: January 4, 2016

No. Of pages: 291


Penelope Jackson may have been a 17 year old teenager, but she was far from normal. Her troubled childhood and dark secrets aside, her whole life comes unraveling when a stranger’s death in Mason comes into the picture. All of a sudden, everyone whom she has ever known and been close to, turns out to be stranger. With her 18th birthday coming closer along with the impending doom of death, will she able to survive in a world where deceit and secrets surround her?


With the start of the book, I was immediately transported to the world of Harry Potter, a book which is close to my teenage self. The uncanny similarity in the narration style definitely helped in creating the bond with the character. However, as I progressed through the story, the lead character started reminding me of Kristen Stewart from Twilight and that definitely unsettled me more. It has been a while since I have dealt with a teenage character and the drama and angst of a teenager definitely annoyed me for a moment. However, the plot line based on deceit, secrets, a world of fantasy and identity crisis was well built and was carried throughout the entirety of the book. I definitely appreciated the flow of the story and the way in which the characters played into it. The climax is something that was unexpected and left me wanting for more.

The whole first person narrative is not appreciated by me often, but keeping in mind the genre of the book, I could appreciate the justification in its usage. The writing style has been kept simple, respecting the the genre and that made it easier to understand and appreciate the character development and the story line.

Comparing the title and the description with the the cover image that has been used, I could see no correlation at all, and that can be a detrimental factor in attracting the required attention.

My opinion: According to me, the book is a mix of the world of Harry Potter and Twilight; the magical world of  Nighmerianotte has been brought to life through a slow build up of the story and will be definitely appreciated by the readers. Not a bad book at all.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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