Book Review #47: The Cardinal’s Sin

Author: Robert Lane

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Language: English

Publisher: Mason Alley Publishing

Date of publication: August 4, 2015

No. of pages: 278


In the middle of a couple vacation, an attempt to have a normal life, Special Ops turned private investigator Jake Travis ends up murdering the wrong guy. And the wrong guy turns out to be a prominent Cardinal of the Church. To clean a mess of this proportion, it is imperative to know the hows and whys. But for the first time in his life, Jake discovers that not everything is going to fall easily on his lap. The search for truth can be more convoluted than ever before. 


Well this book has been pending for way too long, and it kind of got lost in between. But finally I was able to make up time and finish this book. I love books which has stories about spies and assassins; the element of intrigue and bone-chilling climax always attracts my imagination. The description of the book promised an action-packed story that a reader can revel in. However, with the turn of each page (or rather swipe across my tab screen) I stopped anticipating the glory of such a story. The lead character, Jake Travis, appeared to be the most untrained special op/P.I. that I have read in the history of fictional spies. Due to such evident lack of character development, the narrative style of the main story, done through the voice of the lead character, killed the plot line for me and stopped me from enjoying anything about this book. 

With a intriguing description and title, the cover image is definitely a contradiction that catches the eye. Maybe its the lack of personality of the characters, may be its the disruptive flow of the story, or maybe the style of writing itself, but I was definitely unable to relate to the characters even on the basic level and this hindered my enjoyment factor. 

My opinion: Potential of a great book is definitely there, but this was one crime thriller that I did not enjoy at all. 

My rating: 1 out of 5


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