Book Review #42: The Gay Detective: Nick and Norm in Chicago

Author: Kenneth Michaels

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers, Crime Thrillers

Language: English

Publisher: La Mancha Press

Date of publication: July 22, 2015

No. of pages: 149


The first episode of Nick Scott’s TV talk show, The Gay Detective was a massive hit among all the viewers. But the high note of the success ends on a sour note when his first guest ends up murdered. Soon the bodies starts piling up, and it is upto Nick and his older, straight partner Detective Norm Malone to hunt for seriously deranged mind.


Well this has been a day filled with thrillers. The book has a plot that has been well thought out and has a potential of becoming a success. But the story line had numerous rough edges which didn’t help with the plot development. This hindered a great lot in enjoying the book. However, the levity and instances of light moments definitely helped the book in becoming monotonous and boring.

The tenuous bond between a gay detective and his straight partner has been beautifully narrated and does strike a chord with the readers. However, the lack of plot development makes it difficult for character development. The fact that lead characters are detectives and are hardly involved with the police work was one of the many loose ends from the plot that becomes glaringly obvious as you read through the book.

The language of narration is definitely kept simple; however, the simplicity didn’t help in maintaining a smooth flow in the story line. The Cover image and the title is definitely striking and attractive. The simplicity in selecting the image and a suitable title is justified with the simple plot that has been narrated.

My opinion: 

The book definitely has a potential for improvement as a thriller and continue as future installments. However, the rough edges with the plot line and loopholes in story line makes it difficult to enjoy the book.

My rating: 2 out of 5

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