Book Review #40: Cold to the Touch

Author: Cari Hunter

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Crime Thriller

Language: English

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, Inc.

Date of publication: 14 December 2015

No. Of pages: 270

Synopsis: Life hasn’t exactly been going easy for  Detective Sanne Jensen with her three-month probabtion and for Dr. Meg Fielding, Sanne’s best friend and occasional lover, with a new relationship and an abusive brother. The winter in Derbyshire Peaks seem to be reflecting their inner feelings at the moment.

Starting her probation period with the murder of a drug addict doesn’t exactly boost confidence. However the growing pile of bodies needs her to grow a pair. Can she solve a crime where no one cares about the victims, and the killer seems to have no motive and no conscience?


The description provided while selectinng my ARC didn’t exactly give me much of a confidence except for the last couple of lines. However, I am glad I decided to take a chance. The book doesn’t have the bone-chilling, goosebump raising thriller moments that usually a thriller book is supposed to give, but the slow build-up of a climatic drama was still appealing. The main plot definitely had potential to become an extremely good thriller; however with all the meandering of Sanne and Meg kept the anticipation at bay.

There wasn’t much of character development throughout the book. The two lead characters Sanne and Meg were detailed with personalities that can be related to each other, which basically framed the basis for the introduction of romantic element between them. For me, the characters were introduced in the plot, and they just stayed and followed through the climax. As a reader, I was not able to connect to either of the character, which made it harder to appreciate this book as a thriller.

More than the story and the character, the cover image attracted my attention more; the use of a stark landscape, with its green and blue color definitely makes a greater impact than the title or the cover description.

My opinion: 

I can not regret selecting the book since I liked most of the story and the climax was definitely interesting, but I was not able to get involve with the book. The flow of the story became too complicated to follow consistently and my attention was definitely not on it at all times.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5


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