Book Review #39: Red Hourglass


Author: Scarlet Risque

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Language: English

Series, if any: Hourglass series, Book 1

Publisher: ScarletCorp

Date of publication: 27 October 2015

No. Of pages: 230


A mysterious woman finds a homeless girl in a New York subway and transforms her from nothing to something. A seductive assassin, known by the name Red Hourglass. She is ruthless and gets the job done. That is until her new assignment as a secretary in Wilmar Enterprise. But a simple assignment of corporate espionage turns deadly when she falls for Conan Casey. Will she live upto her name of black widom and be fatal to her love? Or will she give up her loyalties and find a way to happiness and love and survive?


Who doesn’t like a spy novel where the lead character goes rogue? The book is definitely an interesting read right from the first page and manages to keep you captivated with its seducing mix of danger and intrigue. The main plot resembles the movie franchise Kill Bill; as a result I was not exactly surprised with the flow of the story. However, it has been penned down with the right mix of appropriate elements which made it fun to read. The suspense of leaving the climatic thread at the end adds the element of anticipation for the readers to look forward to a second installment.

The characterization of the lead protagonist lives up to the imagination of how a spy looks and talks like. She justified the plot with her role in it. However, her meandering like a teenager, coupled with the shallow and sexist potrayal of Connan didn’t sit well with me as two separate individual. Their roles seemed to be set separately from the world of reality which kind of unbalanced the whole equation of intrigue and danger that comes with a spy mixing business with pleasure.

The cover image is definitely packs a punch with dark background and the stark contrast of blood red. However, I would suggest to include the picture of the black widow spider with the mark of a red hourglass in the title; I feel it will create more drama to the appeal of the cover image.

My opinion:

Maybe I have watched way too many TV series involving the whole spy concept, but the book failed to create the impact that I usually get with a good series. It has definitely been narrated and written well, but maybe since I didn’t agree with the characters, the drama of a spy/assassin falling in love escaped me.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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