Book Review #36: Confetti Confidential: Annabel’s Wedding

Author: Susan Murphy

Genre: Romance, Drama, Women’s Fiction

Language: English

Series, if any: Confetti Confidential, Book 2

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Date of publication: November 1, 2015

No. of pages: 233


For the four sisters – Annabelle, Genevieve, Carrie and Julie, life has been far from perfect. The upcoming nuptials has somehow managed to open doors into the more twists and turns the sisters can handle. Can they find happiness even though the odds are stacked against them?


I have been a big fan of Susan Murphy from the day I discovered Chick Lit. and Mills and Boons and I am so happy that the book lived up to every expectation that I had from the author.

Annabelle’s wedding is a sweet tale of sisterhood and the love that you share with your family and how you overcome the odds with happiness and positivity. The book details out a beautiful plot involving the intricacies of family and the drama that often accompanies it. The author has beautiful nararted the story of a family with its beautiful, strong and bold characters who managed to enhance the plotline somehow and made the reading experience somehow. I was engrossed from the very first page, and I was truly able to appreciate and relate to every emotion of fear, sorrow, laughter and tears that the characters experienced. The richness of the character made it a delightful read.

I was definitely attracted to the cover page and the name and I expected a traditional romance novel when I first requested for a request since there was no description provided. So the element of Family drama presented in first narrative definitely came as a surprise to me. I think the clever strategy motivated me further to read this book and give a fair assessment.

My opinion: 

Susan Murphy has never disappointed me when it comes to her books. It was truly an enjoyable read.

My favorite excerpt:

A perfect marriage. There is such a thing.

A perfect marriage. Not perfect with ‘things’, but perfect with feelings, memories and sentiment. Where the important things are foremost and the little things forgotten.
Take time with planning your life, really speak to each other and create amazing ideas based on mutual love, contribution and respect. 
Remember the relationship above all. Spend quality time with each other as often as you can. 
Give you vows much consideration and use them to really tell each other how much they mean to you. Look each other in the eyes when you speak the words. 
Don’t get caught up with the little things; whatever will be, will be.
On your wedding day: Stop often and take in your surroundings. See your loved ones, the scenery, and your partner’s hand in yours. It will be over in a heartbeat. 
Let your heart remind you why you are there. Not for the pretty dress or the lavish party, but to stand side by side and pledge your love for eternity.
Find quiet moments in the chaos to just be with the other. Kiss, embrace and thank them for their love.
Don’t get so caught up in the excitement that your forget to simply be there for each other.
When you dance, hold each other tight and look into your partner’s eyes as if there is no one else in the room.
Take time to speak to each of your guests and thank them for their love and support.

Most of all..

Laugh a lot, smile until your face hurts, feel more love than your heart can bear and breathe in every glorious second of it. 
A perfect wedding and a wonderful life doesn’t just happen, you must create it with your thoughts, actions and words. 
These are the laughs, the tears, memories and feelings that you will recall often with deep gratitude and love throughout your life.

My rating: 5 out of 5

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